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Former Undergrad Lab Members

Samantha Oliveria

Samantha was working on Odonata wing landmarking and SEMing Zygoptera genitalia.

Erin McHale_edited

Erin has entered the PhD program at Rutgers and is now in the Maslo Lab.

Ciara Mendoza

Ciara graduated from Rutgers and is now working on her Ph.D. at NYU!

Kimberly Gusman

Kimberly has graduated and is at U Michigan for Veterinary School.

Mia Marshall

Mia graduated from NJIT with a major in IT and a minor in Business and would like to pursue a graduate degree in biological sciences.

Adriana Morocho

Polythore wing and genitalia landmark team! wing morphology pipeline. She's so Dragon-fly!


I am an undergraduate with an interest in dragonflies, with an interest in Stem programs and am currently a mentor and ambassador in the LSAMP program. In this lab I am working on Aeshnidae.

Lucianny Lantiqua

Insect diversification-collection database. Loves little libellulids!

Renato Nunes

Polythore DNA pipeline! Biochem is his thing!

Dan Awari
Dan Troast

Daniel Troast analyzed DNA samples of Pantala flavescens collected from distant locations around the world. He now works at Columbia University.

Nevin Mathew

Former Undergraduate

Kimberly Chan

Former undergrad

Dayana Sawh

Former under grad

Ian Biazzo

Former Undergrad

John Dyrup

Former undergraduate

Kayla Kaplan

Former undergraduate

Jeevitha Anthony - Wing scanning and Landmsrking team!

Laila Salari - Wing scanning and collection database!

Arianne Wallace - Polythor wing and genitalia morphology pipeline! Recently barcoading!

Jack Kellog - Computer vision to explain mimicry rings of clearwings butterflies and polythore damselflies. 

Teschwinder Jaswal

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